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Digital Studio 數碼影室

What is now proved was once only imagined.

-William Blake, The Mariage of Heaven and Hell

digital_studioOur studio is equipped with camera up to 10.2 Mega Pixel equipped with a series of high quality primary lenses capable of shooting photos sharper than common zoom lens bundled with digital camera. The image quality is good enough for blowing large inkjet poster up to A0 size at 120ppi output resolution or offset printing up to A3 size at 300ppi as the conventional 6 x 7cm camera . Price remained unchanged during the introduction period. 

In fact, the pre-press process is almost totally computerized and compressed into a "single" step on the desktop. They can also be sent to various output devices or transmitted to remote cphoto equipmentomputer via internet. We have speeded up the work-flow by applying digital photography to the production of product catalogue. In fact, the pre-press process is almost totally computerized and compressed into a "single" step on the desktop. On the contrary, traditional film, slide or photo must be "scanned" into the computer before they are being processed during the step of pre-print process. Usually, we use high end flat bed scanner or film scanner for capturing thelenses image. For more demanding customer with a loose budget, we use drum scanner which may produce excellent images in terms of sharpness, color precision and hue saturation. The following asorted albums contain some sample photos taken for our customers for various purposes. Now we have completely replace 35mm film camera with digital cameras in taking foto of size up to A4 (i.e. at 300dpi for offset printing). 

現在一般數碼相機的質素已能跟 35mm 甚至 6x6cm 相機看齊或超越, 以35mm 菲林放大成16"x20"的照片微粒作標準,一具500萬像素的數碼相機以 120dpi 之密度打印便能得出相若效果,沖曬照片的成本亦拾級而下。數碼相或數碼圖像能永久保存在磁碟或光碟中,可視乎需要,輸出印製各種尺寸之高密度彩色圖像、製 作網頁、印刷品或簡報幻燈片之用,甚至可以將圖像修改或加添特殊效果。我們採用 10.2 MP 級別數碼攝影機製作商品目錄,解像度(精度)相當接近傳統 6 x 7cm 底片的質素, 加快工作流程外,更節省成本。 在印刷出版方面,印前工序早已全面數碼化,傳統之軟片,燈片或圖片,在輸出前反而需要先行作電腦素描輸入轉換為數碼圖像以方便處理。我們採用超高光學解像 度達之專業級平台素描器和軟片素描器,並悉心調較,素描質素達專業水平;如有更高要求而預算許可,亦可選用滾桶素描器,在圖像清晰度、色彩還原能力和印刷 品去網能力都非常出色,適合高質印刷的要求。

Samples of Commercial Photography

- Warning -
All the photos under this category are copyrighted and belong to our customers. They are displayed as samples for demonstration only.  Redistribution or unauthorized use of them is strictly forbidden.

sample foto 1
sample foto of gift
sample foto - jewellery
sample foto - misc

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