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Main Shop & Office  : 97-97A, 1/F, Hunghom Square, 37-39 Matauwai Rd., Hunghom, Kln, HK  (Tel: 23659900; Fax: 27662200)
Digital Workshop     : G62, Hunghom Square, 37-39 Matauwai Rd., Hunghom, Kln, HK  (Tel.: 27662244)
Digital Studio          :  A1-08, 5/F., Phase I, Hangfung Ind. Bldg, 2G, Hokyuen St., Hunghom, Kln, H K 

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What's new?
What's new?
Free Images
Except the official blog , we're going to build a series of new sites catering for people of different interest free of charge. Our blog has proved to be a effective a platform for our members to air their views and even grievances. The second newly constructed web-site-
will host all our self-created stock images of resolution up to 800x800 pixel. All these images might be downloaded, copied, and redistributed on condition that  they aren't  used for any inappropriate purpose or making direct profit from sale of them in the form of image.

If you want to know the reason behind our move, be patient. We'll tell the public what drove us to take such action  in our blog.
在 心為志, 發言為詩, 原來古人心聲所至, 自然成詩, 即所謂出於天籟是也, ..... 不平則鳴, 文窮後工, 千古不易之理. 雖然網上之言, 難免有遊戲虛假嘻笑怒罵成份, 惟有關大是大非者, 本網誌眾博客, 皆深明何謂大節不逾矩之理, 既有所為亦有所不為.....
UM Blogger 網誌編輯組

soming soon
Comming Soon!
Free Video
Newly unveiled AV library will certainly give more choices for web building. We're not going to create another legend like "youtube", but we're willing to try our best to contribute to the creative industry as what we've done in the past twenty years.
全新自製短 片圖庫推出,一如過往,我們不斷推陳出新不為創做另一網絡神話,但求為創意工業帶來更多選擇,歡 迎自由下載分享參考用(須保留版權印記)
在 2 0 年 的 歲月 裡
我們 曾 努力 不 懈地 嘗 試
現代 和 傳統
東方 和 西方
藝術 和 科技
我們 不敢 奢言 成功
或 滿足 於 簡單 的 混合
以至  笨 拙 的 結合

但  卻  無悔 追 尋
On Business 在商言商!!!um-gallery.net_logo
Without business, we'dn't be able to keep the web going. For more information about our business services, click the above icon to visit our "home" page.
營生乏術,又豈能奢談理想, 何妨先登入我們的主頁, 看看我們的業務.
For more than two decades,
we've been working hard to achieve the seamless fusion of

old with new, 
east with west and
art with science.

Neither a clumsy mixture nor
a simple crossover can satisfy us.

We've never thought that we 've really made it.
Yet we've tried our best to approach it without regret.
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Sharing with Us 獨樂樂不如眾樂樂,在商也可不言商!!!!
imagebank - um free image albumUM FreeImage
明心齋 "自由圖庫"
(Since Mar. 1, 2008)
  • Hosting thirty thousands self-created photos or images for free download, copy and distribution.
UM BloggerUM Blogger 
明心齋  "博客網誌"
(Since Sept 1, 2007)
  • Serving as a platform for our members to air their views and opinions. 
Special Notice
  • Please be informed that with immediate effect upon the posting of this notice,  we have ceased to  accept the "HKBC (Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation) purchase card". All merchandisers of Government Departments or subsidised organizations  please use the purchase card of Unite Overseas Bank and maintain adquate credit in the account. Thank you very much for your attention and cooperation.
  • 本公司由此通告刊登日起即時停止接受"匯豐銀行採購咭 ", 敬請各政府部門或資助機構採購員改以"大華銀行採購咭"支付有關賬項, 並確保戶口內備有足夠信用額. 多謝合作.
Ref.: Notice 070426a
April 26, 2007
  • We're informed of the instability of URL to our Official blog so we readily built an alternative site at "blog.um-gallery.net" on Jan 10, 2008 The site has been operated simultaneously  with "blog.um-gallery.com" and scheduled to replace "blog.um-gallery.com from April 1, 2008 on ward. Click the smart icon above to share with their views as members of SME.
  • 由於接獲投訴原明心齋博誌連接並不穩定, 我們已於10.1.2008 另建一並行網站  "blog.um-gallery.net" 自1.4.2008 起將全面取代"blog.um-gallery.com",點擊上面之智慧圖示進入的內心世界, 分享他們作為中小企成員的感受和意見.
Ref.: Notice 080409
April 9, 2008

Legal Notice
To ensure the quality of our services, we have installed CCTV (AV)/Telephone monitoring & recording system  All the recording will be treated strictly confidential in accordance to our privacy policy. Click HERE  for details.
為確保一切交易履行準確無誤, 本公司已裝設閉路電視(影音)/電話監錄系統, 所有音像紀錄按本供司私隱政策保密處理,詳情請由"" 登入
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