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Money is not all that matters!

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This is not a mirror site for the following freewares. Only the URL of their official web-sites are provided. Please read our disclaimer before visiting them. If you are interested in any of the freewares  listed below, explore its functionality and read the licence before you start the installation. Or you may click the following url to visit our blog where we give a brief introduction to the origin and rationale of freeware, especially those released under GPL.:

url: <>  

All of the freewares are supposed to be run on wintel machines or compatible. However, some softwares may have versions working on other plateforms. Again, explore and enjoy them by your own self.

Graphic 圖像軟件
Multimedia 多媒體軟件
Internet 互聯網軟件
Office and Business 辦公室商務軟件
Operating System 操作系統
Utilities 功能軟件
Credit 鳴謝

Graphic 圖像軟件

Freeware & URL Licence
inkscape: <>
Famous drawing and layout program for creating artwork in SVG (scalable vector graphic) format, functions comparable to commercial software, supporting other format common used in publishing industry.
gimp: <>
A best known image editing software having professional functionality, taking time to master it but rewarding.
blender 3-D: <>
A 3D and animation tools, difficulties encountered for people without knowledge in mathematics and computer science
Primo PDF Creator: <>
It's the best free PDF creator we've ever met. It works like a printer on your PC but It doesn't print any hard copy directly. Instead, it prints a PDF file to the destinated folder you like. With "Primo", keeping the visual features of a printable file is no longer a problem.
PDFCreator: <>
It works like a printer but prints a pdf file instead of a hardcopy. User interface is simple and straight forward. It perform the same functions as Primo. If you support Open Source Movement and feel easier with freeware licensed under GPL. Take this.
PDF Redirect: <>
It's featured by a very beautiful and intuitive interface and powerful feature like encryption password in creating pdf document. Just a few minutes you may well master the software. However, we found that it fail to handle chinese character and all the time return error message.  In some of the cases, the output pdf file was not able to reproduce the original visual content

Multimedia 多 媒體軟件

Freeware & URL License
A user friendly sound recording program with more and more add-on functions
A pioneer in the application of streaming technology on internet.
A freeware for play back media file on your desktop.
ms media player:<>
The media player becomes more and more powerful when new versions is released to replace the old one.
flash player:<>  or <>
Without flash player you may not enjoy the fun of browsing internet. Most annimated web pages are flash enhanced
t@b Media Converter (linux/win32):
This utility will convert a great variety of video and audio like .mov .mpg and similar formats to either AVI/mjpg (for zs4) or to AVI/uncompressed for both zs3 and ZS4.
It can also encode the output of ZS4 into *.mpg files.
Free Studio Manager 
The latest version is 4.x. We tried this software since it release v3.x fand found that it was and excellent freeware. The interface was simple but straightforward. Above all, unlike other software, It really worked stably for all open standard multimedia formats.(Your shouldn't expect it worked with patented compressing codec, right?) When converting video files to "flv" or "swf" file, it also generated a sample html code for simple "copy and paste" operation in creating your own web page like commercial software,  We've just downloaded the newest version and found that all collaborating converters're working fine and stable.
Any video converter freeware
If you want to convert a number of video clips concurrently,  AVC freeware is a better choice. Moreover, you have more freedom in the combination of input and output format in the process of convertion. However, we found that it failed the operation for some input formats even we were sure that there was no patented codec applied to the clip.
Pazera Free MOV to AVI Converter 1.2
A very user friendly free file format converter for quicktime movie file for both private and commercial uses. Batch convertion job is possible and the interface is simple and straight forward except the illustration about the choices of audio and video codec. However, you may find out the appropriate combination of file format(avi or mpeg) and codec by trial and error. Use a short clip, run it  and try to play back the converted file accordingly. If it works well, ignore the technical jargon of codec and just stick to the combination that works.

K-lite Codec Pack
K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of codecs and related tools provided by Now there are too many codecs (encoding and decoding alogrithm) for making and playing back video clips. Though most of them are conformed to open standard, technical novice is hard to know what codecs and how they should be installed. This web site provide a "seem-to-be" simple solution. However, there is little inoformation about the legal status of the codecs included. Some informations told that a few proprietory codec patent holders claimed that the pack violate the EULA or infringe their copyright. The controversal codecs were thus removed from the software afterwards. Users must judge their legitimacy by your ownselves. Furthermore, some proprietory compression algorithms are obstacles for people to play back video files without the proper software. Don't expect to solve all the problems once and forever. As what the site owner tells, you should be able to play 99% of all the movies that you download from the internet with the K-Lite Codec Pack.

Internet 互聯網軟件

Freeware & URL License
The fame of netscape should not be doubted. It provides an all-in-one internet solution to its supporters and seems to have less risk to expose to virus attack than main stream
Being one of the hottest download on the web, firefox belongs to the family of mozilla and some outstanding features like tab browsing mak it an icon of the new generation browser.
Mozilla suit is a long standing open source internet solution software package. It contain different versions for almost all plateforms and languages in computer world.
A ftp client software without beautiful user interface. No frill but simple and workable. Only very little resources is consumed.
Matt's Free Perl CGI Scripts:<>
A lot of cgi scripts written in Perl or Java are provide as freeware. They add a lot of minor but useful functions to various internet servers. They make the world of internet more beautiful but no body even bother to know their names.
freeware/ shareware/  commercial software
Acrobat Reader:<>
The fame of acrobat reader and its vendor is a well established fact. No more information
NVU: <>
NVU is another member of Mozilla family powered by "Gecko". The interface is very similar to that of "Netscape Composer" but a lot more functions are added to make it a handy tool for creating web page. When you find how much an "WYSWYG" commercial html editor cost you, you will feel grateful to the team of "NVU" project who offer people with a tight budget a freeware like this. Since 2005, the project of NVU was discontinued but the is still alive. Sometime this is confussing. The development of the project was unofficially taken over by "Kompozer" and "Seamonkey".
Kompozer: <>
Starting from 0.7x, the development of Kompozer was based on the code of NVU. However, since 0.8x, Kompozer has been has been developed on a clean Mozilla code base and it doesn’t share much code with Nvu any more. The 0.8 branch is taking a different approach: Nvu was designed as a beginner tool, KompoZer 0.8 tries to be both a gothe official motto is “Easy Web Authoring!”. Almost all our web pages are created with Kompozer though there are still bugs especially in the code wraping. The fusion of CSS and Javascript with the software is also unstable. However, we pledge our support and express our gratitude to the effort of the development team who contribute to the world such a nice piece of "WYSWYG" editor comparable to commercial software.

Office & Business 辦公室商務軟件

Freeware & URL License
OpenOffice: < >
An all in one open source OA software package consists of every thing  needed in performing office work, including word processor, spreadsheets, presentation tool, publisher, HTML edittor and drawing program with PDF creator built in. Change your habit and you will find that the world is much larger than what you think. The latest version up to the end of 2008 was v3.x. As everybody aspires, it's more powerful and remain free. The improvement was done by a group of volunteers all over the world instead of paid programmers working inside the plant of software house.  The use of open standard document file format is a feasible way to solve the problem of compatibility and portability of document file when crossing plateforms. 
Turbocash: <>
A prominent acounting software in Africa and Europe started to embrace open source movement since 2003 after 18 years of proven history in the field. Unlike a lot of other accounting software released under GPL, it is a rather “BIG” full function program with all stuff available for users. Accounting knowledge is a must for using it or it is just a collectable for someone to admire.
EssentialPIM: <>
It is a full function personal information manager. The import and export filter make exchange of information to and from other PIMs easily so the pain to migrate to this freeware is minimized.
rainlendar: <>
It consumes little resources but useful in reminding trivial things. A lot of cool skins are available

Operating System 操作系統

Freeware & URL License
Ubuntu (linux): <http://>
Maybe you've heard about digital divide but you might not have the idea about how wide the gap is. In a lot of third world countries, an operation system cost a peasant family their yearly income or even more. Here comes an African who sponsors a working team to provide people of the world a free OS based on the famous "Debian" linux. The following is their promise:
  • Ubuntu will always be free of charge, including enterprise releases and security updates.
  • Ubuntu comes with full commercial support from Canonical and hundreds of companies around the world.
  • Ubuntu includes the very best translations and accessibility infrastructure that the free software community has to offer.
  • Ubuntu CDs contain only free software applications; we encourage you to use free and open source software, improve it and pass it on.
Every six months they release a new version. Now the current version for free download is 8.10. Wubi (i.e. installation under windows environment) becomes a built-in function of the system. We've also found a lot a improvements in its compatibility to current hardware. Installation is easy and automatic. The update centre was terrific as you will save a lot of time to search for the freeware on the internet. Nobody doubts their faith and sincerety. From the media we knew that "Dell" started to shipped desktop with "Ubuntu" preloaded. As a user we don't have too many criticism about its installation and user interface except the shortage of device drivers. Anyway, a very promising attempt to narrow the digital divide between the rich and the poor.
Stanix (Linux): <>
Stanix Professional (Traditional Chinese)RC3 is great leap forward in localize the linux environment. The author also provide an all-in-one boot CD of linux
Redhat Linux: <>
It might be the most sucessful linux solution provider in the world.
Red Flag Linux: < >
A variant of linux developed in mainland China
Mandrake Linux: < >
An optional linux version for your choice
Debian Linux: < >
Again an optional linux version.
Slackware Linux: <>
Tracing back the history of Linux, one will find that slackware linux is one of the most 

Utilities 功 能軟件

Freeware & URL License
TestDisk & PhotoRec 6.11.3 (6 May 2009), Data Recovery
This is a very powerful and fast recovery tool for memory card or usb drive. We tested this software with others in practical environment and found that it could recover files from usb drive or sd card reported to be unformatted by the system quickly while other softwares still working in iteration process without any  signal of completing the job. The only problem is that it works in a command line environment. For people who're not familiar with the traditional mode of interface, it's a unforgivable demerit.
HP USB Drive Formatter:
This utility provided by HP will format any USB flash drive, with your choice of FAT, FAT32, or NTFS partition types.
Optionally you can also make the disk BOOTABLE by specifying a file location. New version allows creation of a FAT32 volume larger than 32 GB and fixes installation issue where installation process stopped after the earlier version of software was uninstalled and the new software was not automatically installed. The installation process now restarts automatically to install the new software after uninstalling the older version.
License Crawler: <>
The author created this small utility, LicenseCrawler, which will enable you to find the license keys and serial numbers of Microsoft products and many of your programs. It is the ideal partner for your Windows softwares
A compression and decompression tool for all users.
A cd and dvd burnning program supporting most of the current burners
Decompression tool for sit file used on Mac Plateform, also capable of decompressing other popular formats
For cleaning up harddisk and windows registry
clam av:<>
An open source anit-virus project. There is still a way to go. However, why don't try it and send feedback to the team as an appreciation and support to their effort?
AVG anti-virus free edition: <>
The functionality and efficiency is comparable to commercial software. Though its free edition is offered to home user only, we include it in our list. If you use it in a busienss environment, please pay for it.
freeware for home user
Avast anti-virus free edition: <>
The home edition is free but you need to register with the producer.
freeware for home user
Antivir anti-virus free edition: <>
According to the practical use and the research conducted by Lasalle University(<>), the virus scanner of antivir was even more powerfull than its competitors. The only problem is its sluggish server which seems to be busy and slow all the time. Sometimes we must suspend updating process as it hangs there for quite a long time.
freeware for home user
Spyware Terminator: <>
Nowadays even antivirus software cannot protect your computer against spyware adware or malware. Spyware Terminator trys to mend the loop hole for all computer users free of charge. This is great especially it works well and also compatible to most popular anti-virus software. 

Credit 鳴謝


Credit and thanks are hereby granted to all those vendors, their colleagues and collaborating voluntary programmers who contribute their works to the general public for free.

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