Crystal Items

This elegant and graceful series of crystal product will definitely give you more choices.

KD Series Crystal Products

New Site for Learning Web-Building

The workshop and its tutorial sessions are originally designed for internal training of our staff. Now we present them to the public as a community project. We understand that building a web-site is by virtue a cross-over activities requiring both the computer knowledge and artistic talents. With our practical experience, we minimize the technical jargon of computer in the learning process. See if this site is helpful to you or not.

2010 New Catalogue of Trophy

The catalogue of 2010 new vt series of metal cup is released. Click the left image to view the catalogue.

metal cup 2010

Website Upgraded 網站升級
- 24/9/2011 -

We have upgrade the bandwidth and storage of our web servers. Now both the <> and <> are serving as alternative site for each other. Business customers may visit either site if they feel that the traffic of any one of them is sluggish, All other free resources service as provided on other sites includng:


will remain unchanged. Thank you for staying with us for the last two decades.

我們已將萬維網 之頻寬及容量提升,<> 及 <> 皆可同時獨立運作以便分流,商業客戶如覺速度下降,可轉為登入令另一 網站,,原有免費資源網站包括:

<> ,



所有內容及資訊 保持不變。

Ever New Look of Our Site


We keep updated our web site to make it looks more gorgeous with some new but well established technology compatible to most prevailing browsers like CSS and XML. For the best viewing effect, your browser should be java enabled and installed with plugins of quicktime, acrobat reader and flash player. The latest version is highly recommended for security reason. As what we always insist, you should have no problem in browsing our web page with computer of the minimum configuration in the current period. CD image of our main website 2010 is also available for our registered customers. Please ask for a free copy if you'd like to browse our website offline. 
本網站網頁不斷更新, 新網頁會採用CSS 和 XML 等較先進技術,請加裝有關插件以便獲得最佳觀賞效果,一如既往,溜覽我們的網站,只需現時最基本的電腦設備。新網站2010亦製成光碟方便離線溜覽,歡迎 客戶登記索取。

- 24/9/2008